Saturday, 18 July 2009

three times under

Simply a very exciting, and very productive day under and above the still cold and here and there more wavy waters of the Sound of Mull. 3 dives today!!!

Red Mary, our by now quite reddish NAS course tutor, well nose-kissed by the Scottish sun at sea), yesterday managed to motivate a tired bunch of people at the end of the day to indicate preferences for specific areas and research projects within the John Preston wreck site. So four determined teams of two divers, mentally and materially well prepared, started their concrete underwater research projects today. Jens still sticks to semi-dry and survives with an additional wet suit jacket, while certain dry-suit divers still face temperature-problems...

Teams are 1. "Anchor & Metal" ; 2. "Unknown Round Objects" ; 3. "Keel and 4. "Slate Cargo".

The members of the designated four project teams are getting accustomed and matching in their skills, so the research starts to get controlled and to show initial results; more and more happy faces surface after the dives!

The "Anchor and Metal" team still manages to get lost when trying to hit the wreck site off the shot line, but once on site, teams get pretty productive.

Between the two research dives on the JP wreck, a fun-dive on the thesis in 20-30m depth eases the course work pressure with stunning views of cold water corals inhabiting a stunning wreck with divable cargo holds. Great!

In the evening the JP data got collected and motivation for further work on the site is high. However tomorrow is a body battery recharging no-dive-day, we'll learn about marine geophysics. Let's go for it, after some pints tonight a good sleep!

Jens Affeld, on NAS fieldschool day 6

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