Friday, 17 July 2009

And the adventure really begins...

"And now the adventure really begins" The hardy band set out in good spirits to the John Preston again, although Scotland presented its usual face with wind and rain. The wreck begins to look familiar, although the word "inviting" does not come easily to the lips. Successful orientation has allowed "she who must be obeyed" to form THE PLAN, followed almost immediatley by the highlight of the day - THE SOUP!
The second wave of dives proved to be surpisingly successful......its always a source of concern when all the measurements agree. When "she who must be obeyed" emerged from the water she was surrounded by eager gentlemen anxious to take her kit off. This produced the response "I'd rather have a cup of tea". This sadly this is the story of my life.
Tomorrow is a 7 o'clock start. Where did it all go wrong?

Steve Hadfield

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