Monday, 13 July 2009

.....we'll work it out!

We've just finished day 1 of the field school and boy have we been taught alot!
The day started off with an introduction to NAS and the field school.
The day included talks on surveying and artifact handling, as well as information on the john preston - the schooner we will be surveying.

The dry practical put into practice what we have been taught, but whether it will be as easy under water will be another thing!

Tomorrow we will be doing two beach dives to practice in the sea what we've learned and also finish off the introduction and do more of the part 1.

Looking forward to the dives and the rest of the course.


  1. Good luck with the diving Lee. Wish I could be diving in the Sound with you. Remember to look out for the dolphins. Mark (NAS)

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